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At Amirene, we know that you want to give the dogs in your care the very best start. Whatever the breed, we are here to help you with free, nutritious food, exclusive offers, and advice. You can then focus on what matters most, nurturing healthy puppies to give them the very best start in life.


  1. Premium Nutrition – Choose Amirene for feeding your in whelp and lactating bitches. Our formulations are developed by our team of expert pet nutritionists.
  2. Nurturing start – Give your puppies a nurturing start in life by weaning and rearing them on Amirene Puppy Food. Our specially formulated puppy food is tailored to support their growth and development. 
  3. Official registration – Ensure that your puppies are all registered with the Kennel Club.
German Shepherd
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  1. Free food for your litters – We will send you a complimentary 15kg bag of Amirene Puppy Food for each litter. In addition we will provide you with complimentary 1.5kg bags to decant your Amirene Puppy Food into for you to share with the new owners.
  2. Savings for new owners – New puppy owners will receive a £5 discount voucher when they choose Amirene Puppy Food, making it easier for them to continue to give their puppies top-quality nutrition.
  3. Expert Guidance – We will provide a comprehensive Puppy Feeding Guide for new owners and offer ongoing support from our dedicated team. We are here to assist both breeders and new puppy owners on this wonderful journey.

Discover the Amirene difference and give your puppies the care they deserve and the very best start in life. Join our community of satisfied breeders and happy puppy parents today!

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