About Amirene

Welcome to Amirene Dog Food!

I am Margaret Woods and I have been breeding, showing and judging Golden Retrievers for more years than I care to remember!

We began our dog food journey initially selling to friends and family. Through word of mouth our business is growing but we still endeavour to give a personal service. Customer service is paramount to us and we are always happy to help. With Margaret’s 40 years experience and expertise in breeding and showing Golden Retrievers and Jan’s expertise in customer care we feel we can offer a very personal service.

 Back in the day everyone fed their dogs with either fresh meat and biscuits, tinned dog food or the very basic ‘complete’ bland dry dog food. This basically was an incorrect balance of protein, carbohydrates, oils, fats, minerals and vitamins.

Fast forward a few years, premium food became popular among dog breeders. Not only were they very expensive but they were very high in oils and contained high quantities of preservatives to enable a longer shelf life.

Many breeders changed over to a completely natural diet believing this was the only way they could avoid feeding their dogs nasties such as artificial colourings, additives and preservatives. However, this was costly, time consuming and impossible to judge the correct balance of vitamins and minerals.

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I am an absolute perfectionist when it comes to my dogs. I want my dogs in pristine condition and perfect health. They must have the right body weight without excess fat. I want them muscular but not too lean. I want their coats to gleam and shine. Naturally I want them in tip top health, but to win at top level they must be in perfect condition!

For many years I have worked with one of the leading dog food manufacturers and have developed my own unique dog food which is of the best quality at an affordable price. Initially we struggled to meet the price for the quality I wanted to achieve, but recent investment into state of the art manufacturing equipment has enabled me to achieve this ‘as near as you will get’ to a natural diet range of food.

Tried and tested

Naturally I trialled my food with my own dogs for a year. I fed my in-whelp and lactating bitches the higher protein puppy food with great success. I also successfully reared the pups exclusively on the grain free puppy food. My new puppy owners continued to feed the puppies with my food which led to them growing steadily with good, straight bones, excellent muscle tone and stunning, shiny coats.

My grain free food provides exactly what I need for my Amirene’s to compete and win at Champion Show Level.

Loyal Amirene customers are delighted that their dog’s sensitive stomachs and digestive issues are so much better after the switch.

I am always here to help and give advice on anything relating to your pooch, whether it be food, behaviour, health… please get in touch.

All the best,
Margaret xx

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Business Support

Hi, I am Jan Dawkins. I have worked with Margaret since 2019 to help her along the exciting journey of launching Amirene Grain Free Dog Food online. I look after all things relating to the website and online store and am also a Partner in the Business.

My background is in Customer Service & Business Support having worked in the Commercial Sector at Senior Management level. I have a Science Degree and am undertaking a Post Graduate Pet Food Nutrition qualification. I’m passionate about Customer Service so am always here to help with any aspect of your Amirene journey.

I have a Golden Retriever called Luna and regularly look after Luna’s Grandma Trudy, Mum Poppy and Brother Charlie. I am super passionate about dogs, myself and Margaret make a great team!

All the best,
Jan xx

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